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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Master Of Magic Demo by Anarchy ... "A500 confirmed (OCS)" -> somehow sounds to me unclear/confusing does it happen same or not on a real A500 (OCS) too! Anyway I will take that now as the same error happens also on a real A500 (OCS) too. (Please be more precise next time like: Same on A500. TIA )
ECS corruption photo attached.

Deja Vu by Anarchy ... I run it also on todays fresh test version (2013-10-12 20:46) and got same problem?!
It only works fine for me on official b8 (2013-10-21) and previous ... so hope it will be Ok then on next official b9 ... if not I will have to report that problem here again.
I probably used wrong version or something.. Fixed, some 68020 stuff leaked to 68000 side..

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Waterproof First Release -Waterproof V1- (Demo) by Rebels

A500 OCS/ECS ... running the "BOZOS NOSE" part the REBELS logo after some time becomes behaving very wild (pics.3 & 4) ... Note: It happens after waiting some long time - minute or more!

p.s. It could be also the demo problem itself as there exist version V1.1 that looks to behave Ok Waterproof Final -Waterproof v1.1- (Demo) by Rebels ... but who can tell is that was the reason for the V1.1 version and does the V1 version behave same on a real A500?!
Yes, v1 has logo corruption, v1.1 appears to be fixed version.
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