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Just a note to add that that the Spear of Destiny Mission packs seem to work ok in AmiSpear. No extra lsfx/music to process as they use the same as the main game. However the normal sfx folder does need swapping. They are packaged with the steam version of the game.

3 files change for each pack. GAMEMAPS,MAPHEAD and VSWAP.

*.SD1 = Spear of Destiny
*.SD2 = Mission 2: return to Danger
*.SD3 = Mission 3: Ultimate challenge

Just rename the 3 files to *.SOD to play each mission pack and add the relevant SFX folder from files extracted by WolfExtractor. (mission 2 and 3 seem to share the same sample set ) Edit: it looks like you should overwrite the M1 sample set but only for the M2/M3 levels else samples from m1 that are used will be missing.

I cant say if it works perfectly or not as im not sure if Amispear knows about the new sample placements.

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