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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Why does this remind me of Home Improvement

Well done Rob Looks like a great place to hang around and play games
I do have a bit of Tim 'The Toolman" Taylor about me

Yeah works really well no wires really robust they won't break this in 5 mins

Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
Looks awesome!
Can you tell me more about the parquet floor (price per square meter, how hard to fit etc), my missus wants it done in the hall.

Thanks mate, I can't recommend this stuff enough, fits together so well it was a pleasure to lay. I'll PM you some details on prices and the on-line shop I got it from next week when I'm back at the office. It was great value for money I think twenty something quid per m2 plus glue and floor treatment etc. compared with the 75 pound per m2 I had seen in local DIY stores like Wickes.

Originally Posted by CrazyOne View Post
WOW! Now that's a great Birthday gift! And awesome renovation made. I just hope that your kids will let you play a day
They have to go to bed some time

Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Yes, Rampage should be for 3 players.
I know, i know. Thatís why they like the game we play it 3 player in the lounge. I suppose I could get a usb controller for this to play along with them.

Originally Posted by HOL2001 View Post
Thanks HOL2001
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