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This whole thing stinks of those "buy a car and get a free television" style promos that are becoming more and more popular. He's banking on Amiga users buying a Wii version they don't need/want at a heavily inflated price just to get the Amiga version they really want.

If the collector's version is 5 pounds more with the "free" Amiga version, then surely they could have sold the Amiga version digitally at any stage in the last god knows how many year for probably 10 or 20 pounds without forcing people to get the version they don't want. This whole deal stinks.

There's already some people who have said they'll buy the game for the Amiga version on the Retro Gamer forum. Hopefully people will hold Mark Cale to his promise. And like Akira, I hope as soon as one person has this, it'll be cracked and spread like wildfire.

Incidentally, this "Amiga version will be released" thing has been going on since May this year, so it's now 6 months of publicity/hype to try and wring more money out of Amiga users who have been shafted over and over.
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