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The fact that these games will be retro is equal to the way the abandonware scene's ridiculous, really. A great deal of the abandonware that those geeks drool over was in fact the poorest version of said game that was released. Explain to me why a retrogamer would prefer to play/emulate a CGA version of a game with IBM beeper sounds and no joystcik support, plus the need to run a slowdown patch...when a far superior 16-bit version with killer stereo sound, shiny graphics, etc. exists? Just more of the "me too" generation. So for sure, all those FPS games will have their tribute sites that will collect every bit of info on a given game. Someone out there probably collects rare cigarette butts and will be hosting a web gallery of them in the near future.

It's funny...this thread was talking about 3D games, yet the only kind of 3D game mentioned has been (surprise!) the FPS variety (sorry for that last oxymoron). I was looking over some of the Epic Interactive releases for the Amiga (and Mac) so far this's all 3D, but I didn't see any FPS games. Likewise, there was none of the token blurry, stretched textures. It's refreshing to see some companies don't have to play that same game of lining up in the lobotomy queue. Hopefully if the current crop of uninspired 3DFPS games one day are known as "retro", current games will try to revolutionize again. If not, I still have my music and books.
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