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Originally Posted by funK View Post
While I agree with you that Mark C. is most probably an *******, the thing that drives me mad is why John Twiddy, programmer of the Amiga version, wouldn't want to release its baby, one way or the other?
This is what John wrote in 2002 (11 years ago!!). I still have his mails.


Don't worry, I have not forgotten about you - your email is at the top of my inbox.
I tried to find all the relevant stuff but all the data files are stored on some CD which was backed up from our old server and I keep putting off the task of manually looking through hundreds of CDs.
I will get around to it soon however.

Sorry for the delay.


I haven't heard anything from him since then, so why would anyone else have the disks now....

I don't believe the game will be released. I even think the remake will never be released. They already promised the game for psp 2 years ago....

System3 is full of false promises...
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