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Originally Posted by manic23 View Post
why are people so negative about this?
Have you been reading? A LOT of us have been onto this game for YEARS, more than TEN years. Read up and realize what's going on. We're not being negative, we're being realistic, based of at least a DECADE of experiences.

People like you will go out and preorder a game on a false hope and get nothing, while giving money to scumbags like System 3.

Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
We should spread the word to the Amiga community to ensure only ONE pre-order is made, and if he stands behind his word (yeah right) then he'd have to release it. I bet the Amiga version would mysteriously be forgotten about.
As much as I agree, that's a very altruistic post. People will not manage to do this fantastic coordinated effort, and a lot of them will be like "dude SUPPORT THE AMIGA" and retarded shit like that. It'll never happen.

If the game indeed exists for people who pre-order, we will have a copy soon enough. Otherwise, I estimate a bunch of naïve people will be left empty-handed, or rather, with a copy of a shitty Wii U game.
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