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Big grin

Sorry about the amount of pictures everyone, but I was quite proud of this and I was inspired by this thread (and nagged by my wife) to do it.

This is what the back end of my garage used to look like;

Note the boiler on the wall for reference

So I got a builder in and got him to do this to it. Installing a new window on the left a new door to the house on the right, a new door to the under stairs cupboard by the boiler and lifting the floor level to the same as the rest of the house.

Then he built a dividing wall halfway across the garage (so I still have a garage for tools, lawnmowers and bikes etc)

Then is was our turn to paint the walls (Wife’s department) and lay a parquet floor (my department)

Finished room other than painting the skirts and gas meter cupboard

As some of you may have seen on the other thread (What did you buy today?), she’d brought me a Mame arcade machine a few weeks ago and now I have bought it in from storage (in time for my birthday last week)

Unfortunately I’ve yet to play on it as these 2 won’t let me…..

The machine should be a perfect set up to run Amiga Emulation too with no bother at all (even came with a keyboard and mouse).

So that’s my next task.

PS sorry no pictures of an Amiga this time, may be next time...

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