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If you want to know what kind of a lying sleezebag piece of **** Mark Cale really is, here's what Arthur Van Jole (one of the C64 developers of Flimbo's Quest) had to say about him in the creator speaks section:

"Mark Cale (director of business at System3 at that time) found it NOT necessary to pay employees or pay off to contracts because his main priority was to drive around in VERY expensive hired cars like a Beamer 5 series or a Ferrari. We were still expecting to be paid about 8000 pounds in royalties (we had kept track of sales). After receiving many "ordered not to pay" cheques from mr. Cale, Laurens went to one of the many consumer electronics shows in England with a blown up version (about 1 meter long and half as high) of one of those non-covered-cheques and immediately found Mark Cale able to buy us out of our contract for 2000 pounds. Better 2000 then nothing."

The Hungarian guys that worked on The Last Ninja also seem to have been shafted by Mark. It disgusts me when he's waxing lyrical about sales figures of 5 million etc and then he rips people off.

I believe Mark fully kept the entire fiasco around Putty Squad going. He could have come out in the magazines at the time and announced that Alive Mediasoft did not have the game to distribute, or could have had it published through one of the bigger outfits left at the time (Ocean, Renegade etc) but I think it suited him just fine to anger the Amiga users and create a "long lost never released hit".

I've heard stories from others that he would often try and weasel his way out of paying the developers for their work and would offer his car as payment instead. No doubt the speedo would have been wound back or something, probably outstanding money owed on it or it wasn't even his to sell. That sounds just like "our Mark".

Many people have tried to contact him about Putty Squad and been completely ignored, including a few developers I have interviewed that actually worked at System 3!

So I reiterate that until someone on here has the actual game in their hot little hands, I don't believe a word out of his slimy mouth. I bet it's all a big publicity stunt for Retro Gamer. They should do a follow up when the game fails to materialise which it undoubtedly will.
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