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Originally Posted by who View Post
So I purchased a snazzy ASUS VG278HE today that's lightboost capable. Having lightboost enabled with black frame insertion is impressive - however I noticed a lot of temporary image retention, it's a bit disappointing really. With 'black frame insertion' disabled there is no image retention at all.. also no IR on the windows desktop with lightboost enabled.
It's monitor-specific, alas.

But there's a scientific explanation for IR caused by software-driven black frame insertion -- it's an unexpected interaction with LCD voltage inversion. It's nothing to do with LightBoost -- but the black frame insertion -- flicker on some panels (rapid on/off cycles) sometimes causes temporary image retention on some because of the LCD inversion pattern ( To keep the electricity (DC) balanced, LCD panels create a rapid alternating positive/negative voltages, as explained in the Lagom link and Techmind link at the motion test above. Sometimes that interacts with flicker patterns (including software-driven black frame insertion). Some LCD panels create a temporary retention effect during 30fps@60Hz flicker, or 60fps@120Hz flicker. Reducing the Contrast via your monitor menus *might* help slightly.

I've seen it happen on my VG278H 120Hz, but not on my BENQ XL2411T 144Hz. I suspect the XL2420TE won't have this retention effect.
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