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Originally posted by Antiriad
I think ive fried my PCs floppy disk controller when i attached my 3" drive to it to write some dsk files
Never happened on my old motherboard...
You can attach the 3" drive to the Amiga if you read the docs included with the A-CPC emu, but the best option is to add the 3.5" drive to the CPC.

Some bad news: dsk2real doesn't support extended disk formats, so most copy protected disks only can be copied using CPDWrite

I miss those happy CPC days, the noise of the tape loading, the green monitor, the endless nights playing Bloodwych, Rick Dangerous, Nebulus, La Abadia del Crimen, Gryzor, Navy Moves, Combat School, Karnov, Abu Simbel, Marauder, Wec Le Mans, Dragon Ninja, Target Renegade, Buggy Boy, La Diosa de Cozumel...
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