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Originally Posted by Tuckernem View Post
i have got alot of ADF games on my pc, is it possible to just put them on the CF then run the games from the amiga?
The .adf files are floppy disk images, similar to .iso images of CDs or DVDs. They are not executable files so no, you can't run them directly from the hard drive.

You can however generate floppies out of the files using the Amiga, and then run the games from the floppies.

WHDload is another option, and usually better as long as your system has some extra RAM.

is it possible to get amiga 500 floppy games to work smoothly on a standard 1200?
if so, what will i need?
Generally speaking all A500 games can work on the A1200. However to smooth out some incompatibilities you need to use a "degrader" such as Relokick (if running from floppies), or again WHDload.
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