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Amibench is back

From the site:

Ok! ok! You can all stop sending me emails of support now!

I think that my email box may explodes under the extreme pressure!

I thought about what I'm going to do with AmiBench.

there is still some respect and milage in the Amiga Community I've thought that there's no better thing to do with the site other than to put it back 'Online'.

You only have yourselfs to thank seeing as you did such a splended thing in sending me so many (and I mean many messages of support.

Its an amazing feeling to see people come out and say things about AmiBench which made me realise that its still very well respected in Amiga circles even if I'm not!

I guess AmiBench is bigger than me. And who am I to turn it off?

Thanks everyone. You really have made my day!
Mark 'tecno' Wilson : Team Member of AmiBench
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