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Jimmy Whites Snooker. (C and D versions)
K240 (TRSI/Zenith Crack)
Lunar-C (Mindscape)
Mortville Manor (BTTR and Amiga Classix DE and UK, Alt French)
Murder. (v1* v2 and 3)
Nigel Mansells World Championship
Pinball Dreams. (Amiga Zool Pack, Dreams & Fantasies versions)
Pinball Magic
Pirates Gold
Puffys Saga (The One Cover disk version)
Putty NTSC and CD32
Sarakon (Amiga Special and Virgin version)
Seven Gates of Jambala (Amiga Fun)
Skychase (PAL, NTSC and Beaujolly versions)
Space Crusade
Space Harrier (PAL Version)
Speris Legacy CD32
SWOS v0.9 94-95 2 Disk version
SWOS v1.1 94-95 2 Disk version
SWOS Update 95-96 2 Disk version
SWOS v1.0 94-95 2 Disk version
SWOS Euro96 95-96 2 Disk version
SWOS v1.52 v1 96-97 2 Disk version
SWOS v1.52 v2 96-97 2 Disk version
Theme Park ECS
Uridium 2. (1 version)
Ween UK, DE
World Class Leaderboard Golf
Zeewolf. (A and B versions)

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