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I think they recommended using the Techsmith codec (comes with Camtasia) for recording Amiga games, as it records in lossless quality.

I remember reading that in their forums and trying it out, and the quality of my videos improved dramatically.

I had no idea how to get smooth scrolling on Youtube though, so even the better quality videos (as compared to my old ones that is) still have very choppy and ugly scrolling.
The video files had much smoother scrolling, but when uploading them they degraded a lot in that regard... I wish I had looked up how to get better scrolling on there as I had no clue, I just uploaded the clips and that was it.

It's especially annoying in games like Shadow of the Beast, that is known for its silky smooth parallax scrolling.

EDIT - here is an example, I recorded Shadow of the Beast twice (a few years in between) as the old recording had such poor quality... I must have used something like xvid or so to record that one, I don't remember.
[ Show youtube player ]

When I switched to the Techsmith codec, the picture quality became a lot better, but the scrolling still ended up horrible on Youtube, as I said.
[ Show youtube player ]

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