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I think the only time I really got into Dizzy was on the C64, I'm sure I didn't finish it - probably a bit too cerebral for me! If I could suggest anything, perhaps I found in those games the item/ progression was a little random at times; a bit far removed, but probably my favourite Dizzy game is Monkey Island, mentioned purely because it has a similar item/story based approach to gameplay although the implementation is quite different - but I found that a lot more logical for the most part. I guess part of the Dizzy appeal is the quirkiness though.
As a demonstration of the engine this wip is very good. The control of the character is responsive and the functions are working well. It's also very nippy!
The main character is appealing and I much prefer a mouse with shades and a rucksack to an egg bouncing around the place. It's got the buzz of exploration going on already with just a few screens, platforms just in/out of reach, and the beginnings of the wtf do I do now factor. Good luck with this and look forward to the progress.
The guys at remainder have a good handle on what you should be doing in Blitz!
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