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Now now lads, no need to argue! To go back to a previous point I my mention of Daytona was about an emulated arcade version, not the crap Saturn version! Though you are right about Daytona 2001, has to be one of the best racers!

Have looked at SMOG on the WEB, but that was some time ago - any new developments? Shouldn't be so lazy really, I should check for myself!

Akira is also right about the 2D thing! There is a very slight difference in performance between the PSX and the Saturn. Street Fighter Alpha was just a tad better on the Saturn, the better pads helped too. Trying to play Street Fighter Alpha was a shite with the PSX pads. Namco joysticks remedied that but what about the loading waits - you could go on holiday to the moon before the next level started!
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