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There are some enemies of smoothness, one is turning off Vsync in WinUAE before recording.

Once a perfect 50 fps recording is made, you can save it as a 50 or 25fps .mp4 that you can play on your computer. 50fps requires a good media player to not skip a single frame.

Your screen can then show it smoothly if you set it to a 50Hz mode. And reasonably smoothly, with shadowing (LCD)/slight stutter (CRT) if it has a 100Hz mode (same for a 75Hz playing the 25fps version).

On top of this, LCD screens add pixel shadowing if there is movement in the picture, causing the movement to be slightly blurry. With cheap LCDs and fast movement, quite noticably blurry.

And finally, standard codecs actively degrade picture quality in general (it's its job) and are made to compress movement within the picture. They have an especially tough time with the high contrast and high saturation colors used in games etc.

These are the steps you have to overcome (or, in most cases, find the best compromise with). The first step is to use a suitable codec (not a standard one) in WinUAE running at 320x256. Else it doesn't really matter what you do afterwards. ("Crap in, crap out")

If you google Recorded Amiga Games, you can download their video files and compare with their (newer) Youtube videos. They get pretty good results.

I looked at streaming video a few years ago, and 50 fps MP4 .ogg seemed quite OK then.
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