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(Dull thud of head rolling into bloody basket)
You may have noticed that my self imposed deadline passed a looong time ago.
With 2 holidays back to back and feeling I’d turned a corner I was certainly over optimistic. Well, taking my laptop camping turned out to be a far less productive experience than I’d hoped (power supply fried due to a dodgy cable- we camped in one of those wooden (plastic actually) pods with electricity). Prior to that I pushed the version I had going as far and as fast as I could, ultimately running into problems due to not checking the work thoroughly enough. So eventually I tucked tail and began much of it again – slower, and hopefully better.

The most recent development is using the 2* bandwidth bitmap fetchmode to give the cpu a bit of a breather. Happily this results in the frame rate being more constant with more happening on screen (and less glitching). It also meant I had to switch to a 256 pixel wide display; meaning the background in the first stage can no longer be loosley termed as using parallax scrolling, it really is a static background now. Happily the display still uses 8 sprites and is well centred

Regarding a collaboration with Rich Aplin, I think it's a fair assumption that he's unlikely to return to Amiga programming just to help with this. That said I'd greatly welcome some inside knowledge as to how he achieved the exchanging of characters in memory during gameplay, there is great variety in this respect during a single stage and especially for 1MB. But what I'd really like to see is an updated version of Double Dragon 2 with the missing moves from Amiga DD1 put back in, and maybe the spinning kick from the arcade. I'm probably very peculiar in that I prefered DD1 to play because of the larger amount of ways to dispense with your opponent.

The new self imposed deadline is 21st October, it should be ready to roll before that and when that happens I'll make it available. While Turri buzzes away with the final GFX I'm fixing the last known bugs (for now!) and tying up loose ends. The demo is at alpha stage but if you'd like to playtest then let me know some way (Batman style light projection is preferable but will accept other means) and I'll wrap up the files and send you a link – don't want to zone it yet as it will quickly be superseded.
I'm afraid there is no ADF version as yet, it will certainly require more than 1 disk or quite a cut down to fit on to 1. Testing right now will require having workbench installed and having some knowledge of CLI if you want to boot it that way. Controls will be posted at a later date and I'll update the first post then.

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