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Originally Posted by brolly View Post
Anyone knows how many games were released in these? I'm aware of 2 : Defender of the Crown and Spirit of Excalibur.
Were there more?
Not sure if they count, but the CD32 versions of Impossible Mission 2025 and Gunship 2000 were released in long, narrow hardcover book style folders that opened up (like a book). When opened, the instruction booklet was glued down on to the right inside cover of the folder and the CD compartment was contained on left inside cover.

And does anyone own any of these? They are insanely pricey on ebay. I'm curious on how the actual games came packaged inside them, do they also include a jewel case? Any special goodies added?
I own a copy of Defender of the Crown CDTV that came in the long box, as pictured in HOL (see HERE). Bought it for a song from a TradeMe seller in New Zealand around 2005. IIRC there was nothing special inside the box - just the game in a shrinkwrapped CD case with the usual cover inlays etc..
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