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Re: No offence to anyone

Originally posted by IanCharge
But the reason those Saturn emulators are crap is because so are their programmers. The Playstation is way more powerful than the Saturn (With out question), but because there is reason enough for great programmers to program an emulator (ie Loads of software), there has been great emu's released (ePSXe and others).

Sega Model 1/2 arcade emulation will be cool, but thankfully it's not linked to any of those shit Saturn emulators and I'm not actually sure that they share any hardware with the saturn at all, as far as I remember it the Saturn is the same as Sega S-TV arcade board NOT the Sega model 1 board. Thats probably why Virtua Fighter on the Saturn ran so god damn slow IMO, nowhere near arcade perfect.
Izit coz I iz Mizinformed?

The Playstation is NOT MORE POWERFUL than a Saturn. The Playstation is more powerful at 3D than the Saturn. The Saturn is more powerful at 2D than the PSX. COnsole wars are always pointless, just don't bash the Sattie because it is a great machine. If you own one, and the right games, you'd know Of course, it is not emulated as well for lack of info. This is mainly because Sega didn't release info for it as easy as Sony did with its PSX. Nintendo is teh one who release the most info, taht's why their systems get emulated first. And it is not because of lack of software. You gotta start looking eastwards for Saturn games. JApan got'em all ,we westerners only got a measle ammount of stuff, most of which were crap american sports games. Blech.

And you are right, MOdel 1/2 hardware has nothing to do with a Saturn. VF1 is a disgrace, have you seen VF2? I don't know wtf they did on VF1, but they did it all wrong :laugh VF2 is excellently ported.
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