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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
So why doesn't having a 24fps video of Amiga gameplay produce smooth scrolling? I looks like every second frame is skipped. It seems like we are missing something in this logic.
Guys you are confused with two things:

First Amiga have to video timings modes (numbers for PAL):
- progressive 312 OR 313 lines (in total 624 OR 626 lies),
- interlace 625 lines (average 312.5 lines per field)

second, coders usually don't care about video timing except V-BLANK - i.e. they force to change video content each field not frame (thus 50 times per second).

To code correctly they should check V-BLANK and Top/Bottom Field Flag.

Side effect of this is that all captures from Amiga shall be performed with all lines i.e. 576 lines and 720 pixels and 50 times per second.
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