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Lightbulb BetterWb 3.0 06-OCT-2013

This is a new version of BetterWB workbench pack, that aims to be an enhancement, an updated extension to AmigaOS 3.1, without all those hardware requirement penalties typically associated with these kind of packs. It is indeed a better 3.1 than 3.1 itself!

BetterWB works on any Amiga. It installs on top of a bare AmigaOS 3.1 installation. It is distributed as a set of floppy images and occupies about 8MB of harddrive space.

Changes since last version:

-Added zDir which is an enhanced Dir command replacement
-Included a clone of the popular unix dd command (the data duplicator)
-KeyPressed is a usefull command for handling keypresses in scripts
-The new icon.library is active by default (Now you can see all Amiga icons)
-The powerfull BootUte replaces NoFastMem
-Incorporated a system font cache that requires no extra memory (Fontcache)
-CopyIcon is a tool that allows you to copy and replace any Amiga icons
-MultiHelp is a commodity that comfortably allows you to view manuals, docs, and amigaguides
-yStart is a commodity that automatically generates a Windows like startmenu
-Reworked the default Iconset
-Plus Many fixes and minor enhancements

You can download BetterWB from its homepage at:
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