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DigiBooster 3 Beta 26 released

The beta version 26 of DigiBooster 3 for 68k Amiga, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS was
published online.

Since it is probably one of the last beta versions before the final release,
we invite every user to test and report the version as detailed as possible
and write all bug reports directly to the DigiBooster support forum.

Beta 26 of DigiBooster 3 has all the key features in place and will be the
basis of the public release of the program planned in 2014. Major features
added since latest public beta 22 are:

DSP echo engine, already demonstrated in DigiRoller. The echo is
fully compatible with DigiBooster 2.x, but this time it does not
depend on AHI settings, so it is always processed. Additionally new
effects 'V20' and 'V21' allow for independent echo parameters for each
single track.

Phase augmented stereo panorama. This has been demonstrated in
DigiRoller as well. Small phase shifts added when setting stereo
panorama improve sound positioning and overall sound space experience.

New envelope editor. Unlike DigiBooster 2.x, it is embedded in the
main window, so it is much larger and shows both volume and panning
envelopes on one diagram, so it is easier to design combined effects.
Diagram width is adjustable, so editing short envelopes is now easier.

Mixer (module renderer). AHI independent, allows for mixing
frequencies from 8 kHz to 192 kHz. Full 24-bit output available,
writes WAVE or AIFF files. Volume boost up to 48 dB (with hard
limiter) with optional autoboost calculation. Works in the background
on separate process.

24 more fully documented ARexx commands.

Implemented missing 'E40' effect, fixes in 'Gxx' effect.

Numerous small fixes and improvements, listed in the change log.
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