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Eventhough interlaced PAL only has 25 distinct full frames per second, the two fields that each frame is composed of is time-interleaved which means that movement will be as smooth as 50 fps video. 24 fps video does not seem very smooth to me even in the cinema and the 48 fps of The Hobbit was a huge improvement if you ask me. I still think that 60 or 72 should be noticably better than 48 fps, so am looking forward to seeing that.
That being said, 24 fps is not just 24 fps. The blanking interval (black part between frames) has a big impact on how smooth it seems. Normal LCD does not blink, and thus looks a lot more juddery than CRT which does not 'hold' the picture (only a little due to the afterglow in the phosphorous).
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