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Originally Posted by twenty90seven View Post
I have doubts as to whether Putty Squad HD is going to end up being released...if you see the history of it it was originally made for PSP, then it was going to be released in 2012 with the launch of the PS Vita, and now the website has been saying 'Summer 2013' for ages...the last news was from May 2013. I think this version, like the original Amiga version, won't see the light of day.
You're not the only one who thinks that. I've been following the progress of Putty Squad's maybe-or-maybe-not existence for almost 20 years now. Let's recap:

* We had promises of the Amiga original coming out in between 1994-98. Alive Mediasoft in the meantime more or less trolled people into believing they had the finished game and throwing money in their direction as a result. The company then mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth.

* Mega Drive owners were promised a port too, as were PC owners. For whatever reason, the SNES port did not fall victim to vaporware and was put to retail as promised. How and why, I doth not know.

* Thalamus did a quick Game Boy Color port in the late 90's to impress System 3 with, but sure enough it didn't get off the ground.

* Around the early 00's, System 3's budget label Play-It were teasing fancy new PS2 ports of Constructor, Mob Rule and - you guessed it - Putty Squad. They were listed on Amazon for an ice age. The proposed release dates kept slipping back. And then eventually they ceased to exist. As you can imagine, precisely zero screenshots were released to prove they were being worked on.

* As has been said, the Putty Squad concept then resurfaced in early 2010 with promises of an iOS port and a PSP port. And then PS3. And then PSP was scrapped in favour of Vita. And then they ditched iOS for... god knows whatever reason. And then just to save face and make it look like they were still doing actual work on it, they announce it for just about every freaking current platform ever - including Windows 8. (Yes, specifically 8, not Windows in general).

And yet with System 3 now attempting to revive Robocod yet again, it's like the ultimate example of epic procrastination in a development project. If it's not there already, Putty Squad is well on its way to becoming the retro world's answer to Duke Nukem Forever. And for it to turn into a running joke would surely be tragic.

(I'm still of the opinion that the SNES version getting out at all was nothing but a fluke. Seriously, it's like someone in the SNES port department at one opportune moment thought "fuck it, this is coming out as is, like it or not" and was the only one with balls to go ahead with it.)

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