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Thanks Yeah, Doom (DoomAttack port) is fast indeed (I'd say normal), actually despite C2P it's much faster on 030 Amigas than on 386), Doom2 as well, Genetic Species Alien, Breed and many others (even Wolf3D under Mac emulation) are working fine. With exception for Alien Breed 3D II, which really requires 060
In general I didn't have any performance problems with my A1230, so not quite sure what can be a reason here. I didn't run AmiWolf from floppy, but once tried on clean AmigaOS 3.9 without million of patches which I normally have under AmigaOS 3.5, and the result is pretty much the same.
Plus the demo seems to be a bit slower than normal game, since there are a lot of enemies at the same time. I watched youtube videos and you can see Wolf3d running flawlessly on 286/16 MHz, hmm...
Anyway, no clue, every other program/game is working as you'd expect of 030@50 MHz Maybe someone else who has 030 could run Wolf3D demo and compare how it looks

I'm not Amiga programmer nor I wouldn't like to be "the smart one without actual programming it", but maybe the hardware-optimized C2P-routines (like in case of DoomAttack) could increase performance on different setups?

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