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Ah, so like the floppies, your "stuck with" what ever you got to start with.
Not exactly - you can save an output screenmode in Indivision AGA MK2 "per input screenmode". Non-OS-friendly games are most likely to use PAL non-lace or NTSC non-lace, which are both modes that you normally wouldn't use on the workbench.

As a result, you can use your self-made output mode (which will be specific to your monitor) for these typical gaming modes, and you can use a higher output resolution for typical WB-modes like S-Hires interlaced.

The flickerfixer will automatically choose the mode you've saved, without the need for loading the config tool in between. These settings are saved in the flickerfixer's flashrom, so they survive a reset and stay valid if you launch a floppy-based game.

Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Thanks for clarifying that.
You're welcome ;-)

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