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I'm back after doing some more tests. First I made sure I have overriden system CopyMem() functions. There are 2 available for 030:

1) older, but optimized for 030:
2) newer, but not optimized for 030 (CopyMem0x0 file):

I tried both, but can't really tell which one is better, any suggestions from NovaCoder maybe?

I prepared 2 videos using demo mode of 030-optimized AmiWolf (SOUND DISABLED, MAX SCREEN SIZE, let's compare speed with this setting):
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

Could anyone wait for the demo on his 030 (preferrably similiar Blizzard card) and let know how it compared?

Just to prove that my machine is not ill in any way, demo-mode from DoomAttack (FULL SCREEN, low details setting - F5, but hey, it's Doom ):
[ Show youtube player ]

NovaCoder, would you be so kind to tune up the volume a bit in future release of AmiWolf (if possible of course, because atm sfx/msx is rather quiet), and thank you for all the hard work

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