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Originally Posted by fondpondforever View Post
When did the Amiga X1000 computer become available on Amigakit. Was it this year or last year? I can only see one system on there website for about £2,200. Is Amiga OS 4.1 good enough to run program's which are like 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and Zbrush? I'm thinking about getting one when I've saved up some money, equipped with high quality base speakers to get the most out of the games audio score and sound effects. Has anyone got one and can you tell me what there like? Oh yeah, just one more question. Is the Amiga's operating system (OS4.1) better than MorphOS or are they just as good in different ways? Which one do you use. Thanks for your time.
Photoshop and similar are not available for any of our platforms (just on Linux perhaps). But buying a X1000 to run Linux sounds a little weird. You should look around, perhaps there are people around using AmigaOS and MorphOS where you could test it or go to a meeting. I use AROS so I cannot make any judgements but people using both (AmigaOS and MorphOS) mostly say that MorphOS is more advanced than AmigaOS (f.e. Ambient the MorphOS Desktop). On the other hand other people prefer AmigaOS because it has the more "genuine" feeling compared to MorphOS. You should take some time and look around.
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