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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
The NG/PPC Amiga world is a bit like Marmite for many Amigans.

Personally I really enjoy my X1000. It runs most old 68k apps very well through native petunia 68k emulation or Runin UAE for HW banging stuff.

1. It's an Amiga! /ddni ducks from the Marmite haters
2. Good tinkering and fun developments.
3. Expensive.
4. Perpetually in beta.
5. New software will always be thin on the ground compared to Linux etc.

Do your research make up your own mind.
3 Amigans have 4 different definitions of "Amiga"

I use AROS and from what I have heard and read (I do not own it) it is not more Amiga than MorphOS (just different). It is the only one that can call itself "Amiga" (at least as part of the name) and it is the only one based on the old "3.1." sources (what is both emotionally important for some). For me the last "Amiga" I bought was a A4000 with 68030, all successors are successors and at least no one more Amiga than the other (just different pricey . But that is my personal view.
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