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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Most 030 seems happy enough with the performance, maybe there is something wrong with your set up?

It's very hard for me to optimise specifically for an 030, I only have an 060 these days.

Absolutely nothing wrong with my setup, Doom is flying (in comparison to AmiWolf) and system is well-configured with Blizkick and all the necessary patches.
It's just that AmiWolf is running just a bit too slow for a 030@50 MHz CPU.

I don't think it requires any special 030 optimization, though, maybe general optimization. On 060 you may just not see the need for it But it's working I'd say at 50% speed comparing to Amiga Doom ports and Doom is much more complicated game.

Just an opinion and maybe a bit of motivation, your work is greatly appreciated

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