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Originally Posted by mc6809e View Post
It's like anything else. To volunteer is rewarding. Work is miserable. Don't turn the maintenance of WinUAE into work.

Keep the experience fun for everyone.
Well, maybe you're right. I have got little tired of doing this turning it into a serious work ...

Also, we never have had so compatible A500 emulation before ... so it is really a nice reward for all hard work done ...

In case if there is anyone who would wish to continue volunteering, the job is all yours.

EDIT: Of course, without master Toni that all would not be possible.
Note: My effort is just a little drop in the ocean in comparison to yours. So one big Thanks to Toni for keep maintaining WinUAE almost whole decade alive. THANKS!

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Well, slowly finished another 5 pouet pages ... link ... and that it would be now >1000 A500 OCS/ECS demos already tested (42 x 25 = >1000).
JFI: But yesterday have finished another 3 pouet pages also ... so to correct this, it would be then 45 x 25 = 1125 of tested A500 OCS/ECS demos.

So now only 10 demos left to be fixed (if it is any possible to fix) from 1125 already tested = <1% ... what is very, very good achievement!

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