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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The list of things it does NOT is long. It is not a coffee machine. It does not play MP3. It does not speed up WB operation. It does not increase chipram size (yes, I've had that complaint!). Got the idea?
Considering i only mentioned sensible features that are 'most likely possible' on the mk2, and not ridiculous things like mp3, chipram etc.

I can't see any reason not to include that information on the amiga shops for your products.

Wouldn't that be fair to include all the information and the status of what your product can do in regards to it's video output capabilities?
So people know that there are limitations at the moment!

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Negative. The config tool gives you all the freedom to generate full-screen gaming modes and to generate 50Hz output.
Well i am yet to get a proper gaming resolution setup that fills the screen properly, what resolution do you use to achieve that Jens?

640x480 cuts off part of the screen, and 800x600 has borders, what resolution should i use that will fill the screen fully in gaming? I have tried some odd resolutions but they did not display.

And Jens are you saying it is possible to get a perfect 50hz pal mode? Could you please let me know what settings to try.

As i haven't had any luck getting a 50hz mode to work, and to be honest i don't think anyone else here has either going by all the requests for it, Jens how did you get your 50hz mode working, as you have achieved something that most of us haven't?

I'm really looking forward to some 50hz full screen gaming now that i know it's somehow possible
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