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Stick out tongue Amiga CDHD project 'Cerulean Crystal Conjury'

A-eon or a similar company should make the next Amiga CD32 console and call it Amiga CDHD project 'Cerulean Crystal Conjury (CCC)' and create a new shaped CD32 console which looks slick and wondrous. All of the original CD32 games could be remade into HD with added characters, levels and audio tracks to the original games like zool, superfrog and James pond. Make a new controller in the shape of a long narrow bramble leaf with extra buttons and a resemblance to the original form named 'brambleberyl' which will have the texture of natural leaves morphed with emerald like minerals. It would be light years ahead of gaming coolness and will make people spellbound. There needs to be a new Amiga CD or HD console.
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