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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
If the configuration software had a "basic user" interface, where you'd select preferred activity types, and preferred output, and then it did the magic in the back, fixing all the settings making it "just works, like magic" simple, then i'd be as happy as ever.
That's what it is: Choose source mode, choose target mode, save, done. You only need knowledge about "screenmodes" if you want to generate your own output type which is not a Vesa type - since that would be exactly what the unexperienced user would see as "can't display screenmode", it's not in the standard screenmodes.

Download the latest config tool, the V2.6 cores, install them, start the tool, choose "reflash all" from the drop-down menu and you have the standard config that every unit is currently shipped with. Works with all monitors I've tried and displays the overscan area of game screens as well.

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