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While everyone else is asking for more and more features, i feel like i'm alone... But i'd say it anyway. I actually wish we had a more userfriendly interface. I want to be able to boot of a floppy to play a game, and run WHDloads straight out of a bogstandard Amiga setup.
If the configuration software had a "basic user" interface, where you'd select preferred activity types, and preferred output, and then it did the magic in the back, fixing all the settings making it "just works, like magic" simple, then i'd be as happy as ever. Right now i honestly feel slightly let down, and as such haven't even tested the software. Yeah. Still. I HAVE to get to it, but what i'm getting at is that for what ever reason we are expected to have a lot more knowledge about screenmodes and god knows what then, quite frankly, i have. I sure hpe i turn out to be one of the lucky ones that just have it all working once it gets to play with the new software, without any user input, or i'll simply be lost.
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