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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Yes, 50 Hz does not necessarily imply VSync. Reason is that the Indivision has its own clock not derived from the Amiga,
Not correct. All clocks are derived from the Amiga pixel clock, and I have even explained the reason for all the different FPGA cores here: You can read from the name of the core how the clock is multiplied/divided. There is a perfect 2x clock available, and if you create an output mode with the exact output lines and pixels, you're almost there. I just didn't take the time to do that.

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
It would require some hardware changes though, and not just an FPGA update.
Hardware supports it, software supports it, documentation is there, and you can load/save your own settings.

About two weeks ago I was at a user meeting organized by a1k members. One of the guys asked me for help with the config tool, and all I did was two or three clicks in the tool. He was totally surprised to see the drop-down menus. Do I have to include an Amiga workbench tutorial with all products?

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