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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Can you compare this with any joystick connected to Amiga? After long time it may be easy to forgot how fast response is.
Not for me (and I'm quite picky)! Belive me: when you play games like TraumaZer0, ProjectX, BattleSquadron, Lionheart, James Pond 2, Apidya, Marvin's Marvelous Adventures, BCKid, Leander, KickOff 2, Goal, IK+ you would have noticed for sure lags and slow responsiveness, which is not the case for me honestly.
It performs very well, also when you need to correct a jump in the air or a millimetric platform jump in 10th of second: always reacted without delays on my HW. My theory is that those having delays have HW/SW problems with the emulators and/or their PCs...

Can't connect my original B1260@66Mhz expanded A1200 to monitors/TV but I see no problems with any game and this USB joystick + WUAE 2.6.0+.

See also the video when he juggles the joystick: [ Show youtube player ] It never misses a microswitch.

On my HW it performs perfectly well.

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