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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
From the first core readme:

hereĀ“s the long-awaited config&flashtool for Indivision AGA MK2.
Please note that this is an early beta release. Lots of things
need tweaking, and settings are still very academic.


- VSync feature (caution: not greyed out!)
- Graffiti emulation"
And also from the Mk2 Cfg v1.1 readme-

"V-Syncing still is not implemented
- Graffiti emulation is not yet implemented
- screenmodes are not properly recognized on some systems We will continue to work on that!"

To me this reads as, these features are not implemented yet, but will be in the future!

Jens recent reply- "The product and associated config tool work as advertised."

Jens, are we going to get those features you mentioned in your readme's or not?

If not then maybe you should add some more information for your products, so people are aware of the lack of these features when buying a mk2, and are not just told about the few features that work.

Something like- 'This product does not support a 50hz pal mode, it doesn't support vsync and graffiti modes, and gaming resolutions have issues filling the screen properly.'

I'm sure there are people who don't come to forums like EAB, that buy your products based on the limited information displayed on the online amiga shops, and have no clue to these limitations of the mk2.

Then they get it home, install it into there amiga and realize that half the basic features they simply expected the MK2 to have, are not there!

That's my opinion anyway, and if that's as good as the MK2 gets, then i feel it's an overpriced piece of hardware considering the limited feature list it currently has, very disappointing

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