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Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
AFAIK the config tool may allow an output at 50Hz but will still stutter occasionally on smooth scrolling material since the frames are not actually synchronised, just very close in refresh rate.

I feel this is an important feature of a ff/sd. Maybe I'm wrong but didn't it kinda go without saying that this worked on earlier generation sd/ff, amber etc? I have 5 IC products and at the moment I'm afraid this one is the ugly duckling without this. Is there some technical reason why it is not implemented?
Yes, 50 Hz does not necessarily imply VSync. Reason is that the Indivision has its own clock not derived from the Amiga, which means it can do a lot of different resolutions and refresh rates. For the Indivision to support Vsync, some syncronization method must be implemented and it would not be easy to achieve without introducing some other problems, like severe jitter on the V clock to the monitor (it might lose sync).
The simplest way I see, is to maybe generate a ~28 MHz clock from the Indivision clock and run the Amiga off that clock instead of its own. That way, the two are running in the same clock domain. It would require some hardware changes though, and not just an FPGA update.
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