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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Well that's one thing for the main theme/credits music, rather another for the in-game music, where we don't have enough spare CPU for 7-voice and have to put up with 4 including sound effects. I do wonder how the 68020 copes with this though, and whether the A1200 could manage maybe 6 channel music during the game and 1 channel reserved for sound effects.
The title music sounds phenomenal and I can't really call whether I prefer the MD or the Amiga in that regard.

But the in game music pales gainst the MD.

Evidently consensus is against me which I shouldn't have been surprised about given that this is an Amiga forum. I suppose if I went onto Sega16 forums and claimed the opposite I would get shot down in flames also.

I guess I know which I prefer so I'll stick with that......
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