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There is and interesting interview of several amiga devs in this issue of the One on pages 22 to 27

Jon Hare : To be honest it's a real problem writing a game first on the Amiga because that's the version you can sell most easily and then having it converted onto the SNES and knowing that's it going to be endlessly compromised.

Archer McLean : Absolutely

The One : Did you have to compromise any of your Amiga stuff for consoles conversions ?

Eric Matthews : No. It just takes a lot longer. If we write a game that take the full potential of the Amiga, it's f***ing difficult to get it onto the SNES

Archer McLean : but do you limit yourself to writing within the restrictions of the MegaDrive and the SNES first and then work up to the Amiga ?

Jon Hare : That's what you have to do.
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