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Comparing graphics between T3 versions:

The Megadrive sprite comes directly from a ripped spritesheet. The Amiga sprite is cut out of a screenshot (in PNG format) which is why there is some rubbish on the end of the gun. But you can see quite easily that the Amiga version has been colour reduced. Grey has been used as green highlight. Brown has been used as highlighting on the red parts. All the colours have been toned down slightly so that different colours can be used as highlights: the green is slightly more grey, the brown is slightly less orange, the red is slightly more brownish.

I can do the same with some background graphics:

Again, if you can't see the difference with them placed side by side I think you need your eyes testing... the Amiga version has the highlight shade of purple replaced by a shade of brown, while the dark purple has become grey. The darker shade of blue has had to become a green for use on the sprites, however this has allowed them to use green on the background graphics. The lamps on the blocks at the bottom have become really muddy-looking.

Note that the screenshot from the MD version seems to have had some clever upscaling algorithm performed on it but this shouldn't have affected the colours.

Personally, I think it could have been done better.
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