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Amiga Turrican3 has better music then the MD version of Mega Turrican!
It's as simple as that and i think you will find 99% of people will agree with this!

That's unless cheesy sounding synth music that imitates the real thing(amiga) is your thing!

So you either go with the better looking MD version, or the better sounding Amiga version, personally i would rather play the Amiga version then the MD version simply because of the amazing Amiga music.

And in the 90's it wasn't uncommon for people to use a MD pad on the amiga, making the controls almost identical in both versions.

If you were still using 1 button joysticks on the amiga in the 90's, then you only have yourself to blame as there were quite a few games that could use a 2nd button, and MD pads were very common and easy to get back then.
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