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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
You might be right about the info panel for a dizzy-style game, but I'd definitely recommend using a hardware sprite for the main character. Will there be many other moving objects? Bad guys to avoid?
At a maximum there will only be three other moving objects on screen at once - all enemies and they are quite small. Most screens will have between 0 and 2 though. Also of course there is no scrolling either. I might switch to using a sprite at some point but I'm not sure there's going to be too much advantage in performance compared to, say, a scrolling shoot-em-up. But if it turns out it will make things better then I will do it.

We also use a 32 colour palette which I assume the sprite will take from the upper 16 colours of that rather than using its own.

How will you store the data? I can share compression algorithms if you like.
Blitz uses its own shape files for storing graphics, and I will chuck in the occasional IFF picture too. The map files are produced in a map editor with a Blitz add-on and are saved as raw data. I am not too hot on compression stuff and it would probably be a hassle for Blitz to deal with but thank you anyway

I'm also a bit of a dab hand on the old ProTracker.
Thanks! I will bear it in mind - someone else already has voluntered to produce music some time ago but will see how that goes. Mind you after the experience I had with putting music in Downfall I might go for OctaMED instead - the commands for handling ProTracker modules are extremely buggy and the later alternative commands that were released only work on machines with KS2 or later.
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