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Originally Posted by arti040 View Post
Ok, before a moment i tried some newer version i believe and Wolf starts but i see a one big mess on the screen and game crashes (red guru). So... we have a progress here
The ECS version does seem to be very touchy but it's very hard for me to debug without my own ECS machine

I've tested it on my A1200 (with an ECS screen mode) and on WinUAE and it seems fine

Some A600 users have got it working so it must at least be possible.

If AmiWolf fails to start you should always check for an ERROR.txt file in the install folder, also check the log file.

If it hangs with a red guru then it probably won't write to the ERROR.txt.

Thanks for the offers of donations but no need, the main reason I do these ports is because I want to be able to play these great games on my own A1200
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