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Posted two more sets from recorded from real hardware thanks again to Stefan. Namely they are Lemmings 2 and Cannon Fodder for the Archimedes. Also fixed the MT-32 and GM sets for TIM2.

But as a main update I posted the full soundtrack of The Adventures of Willy Beamish. This one took me a while to finish...
I had to manually edit the FM recordings instead, since I couldn't loop the tracks in the FM player by NRS (Vogons forums). It was quite a hassle, but still better and easier than record in-game. ^^
If you notice anything wrong in the way the songs loop in the FM set, or if you happen to know how the songs are titled please let me know. Also let me know if any tracks in the FM set sound weird or not how they were supposed to (aside from the stereo FM that wasn’t available in-game).

Also, if you want to help and have a MT- or CM- series Roland modules (and some free time :dead: ), I uploaded the SMF and SysEx files, so you have half of the work done =D
Contact me beforehand though.
Also if there's anyone able to record the Amiga version, that would be quite awesome too ^^

Props for the Sierra extractor go to tikalat from Vogons forums.
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