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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
It was clearly being done on purpose. See further back in the thread when he was debating with Dan. He was pulling the same crap then as he is now.
All I see is two people missing each other's points and getting mightily wound up about it.

It really is easy to do. The weirdest thing to see is when one person objects to the other one agreeing with them! Oh well.

As for Turrican 3, I actually got the sprite sheets and part of a tile sheet from Mega Turrican, and I can tell you that the background graphics are 16 colours so should work on Amiga without any changes. However it's not as simple as that because on the Megadrive the sprites can all use different palettes. The sprite sheet for the first level had 25 colours, not all shared with the backgrounds. So yes, definitely, some colour reduction has been done to get the graphics to work on the Amiga. They are still essentially the same graphics save for a few bits of detail, but squeezing the colour map results in exactly the "drab" look described in the video.
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