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There are just few people, skilled enough to support Amiga community, writing new quality softwares... and you're, as far as i know, the only one that is still working on games portings (Cosmos and PeterK are working on operative system)... If someone leave, the scene will die once for all... (except for some simple and basic games). I deeply hope that you'll not giveup. There are many source from great old games around to port... and many amigans, that are still spending time, money and passion on their beloved Amigas...
The emulation scene si dead already since from a looong time...
(i'm trying to make the Atari800 emu to work, but it wont, because of some library call.... is there anybody who can build the last version? NOVA, are you able??)... I trust in you... and in all the wonderfull people from '80 and '90 Golden age of computing, who are still bringing pearls of coding for US ALL. Thanks....

P.S. sorry for my english... :P
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